Welcome to the world of AMBITION THE COMMERCE CLASSES a place which gives you a truly refined learning experience.

We Believe

  • Education is learning, not mugging.
  • Education is understanding, not spoon feeding.
  • Education is a process, not the few hours before exams.
  • Education is applicable in the practical world, not acquiring bookish knowledge.
  • From time immemorial, on joining a normal coaching class, you have been provided with Dreary teachers
  • Overstuffed Classrooms.
  • Substandard Facilities And a dull atmosphere Elsewhere, there is always a wide gap between expectations and achievements because you have been taken for granted. Thus, not only do we want to redefine academics ; we also want to redefine the learning experience by providing you  up-to-the-mark facilities which befit your status and create a wonderful atmosphere with a higher comfort level; so that learning can be truly fun.


VI To X All Subjects

AMBITION THE COMMERCE CLASSES curriculum is based on the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation System (CCE) .

  • Inculcate a habit of regular study as per schedule
  • Identify weak concepts in these subjects
  • Improve on the identified weak concepts

XIth To XIIth

  • Commerce (Account, Economics, Business Studies)
  • To acquaint the students with basic concepts of accounting & accounting standards.
  • To develop the skills of using accounting equation in processing business transactions.
  • To enable students with accounting of shares and debentures of company.


Now that you have cleared your board, it is a great time for you to see the college life. With so many subjects and fields that become available to you, if you have chosen commerce, certainly it is right decision, as there are varieties of career paths top make your choice. Right from a creative aspect until the computer applications and financial aspects, there are so many career choices available.

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Special Features

Small Batches , Quality Teaching.

Detailed Preparation of CBSE Exams , NCERT.

Individual Attention.

Experienced Faculty.

Apt study material and notes.

Regular lectures.

Batches with convenient timings.


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Welcome to the world of AMBITION THE COMMERCE CLASSES a place which gives you a truly refined learning experience.Education is applicable in the practical world, not acquiring bookish knowledge.AMBITION THE COMMERCE CLASSES is established with the idea of imparting quality education in the field of Commerce. AMBITION THE COMMERCE CLASSES is working to build up a strong & result oriented educational institute & career guidance for all prospective students. We don’t want to compete with anyone, as we have set our own standards & targets up to which we have to prove ourselves. We have planned our targets for quality service & measurement in various stages. The words of Teacher conveying trust and high hopes undoubtedly give their students tremendous self confidence and reassurance, allowing them to develop their potential in a free and natural way. In, we provide an environment to students which enable them to develop in each and every sphere of their.