Yes, I knew, I am a teacher

an ordinary man, with no special feature!

teaching is my profession as well as passion!

simple living, high thinking is my suggestion!!

my work is to guide the students!

so they able to full fill their AMBITION!!

might students have changed like the seasons!

but some are always remembered by me due to unknown reasons!!

off course some have forget me, in a while

but some surely remember me, even in exile!

I still get my real earnings

When they respect me, with the smile!!

=========Sanjeev ‘om’ Bansal =========

Welcome to the world of AMBITION THE COMMERCE CLASSES a place which gives you a truly refined learning experience.Education is applicable in the practical world, not acquiring bookish knowledge.AMBITION THE COMMERCE CLASSES is established with the idea of imparting quality education in the field of Commerce. AMBITION THE COMMERCE CLASSES is working to build up a strong & result oriented educational institute & career guidance for all prospective students. We don’t want to compete with anyone, as we have set our own standards & targets up to which we have to prove ourselves. We have planned our targets for quality service & measurement in various stages. The words of Teacher conveying trust and high hopes undoubtedly give their students tremendous self confidence and reassurance, allowing them to develop their potential in a free and natural way. In, we provide an environment to students which enable them to develop in each and every sphere of their.